20 Little Known Facts About Digital Firms – And Why They Matter

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Digital marketing is rapidly changing as technologies develop and consumers adopt new devices. Here are some surprising facts about digital firms that you may not know.

1. Online ads are generated by machines

Digital advertisements are generated through software and not by a salesman. They were once created through a rough process of human negotiations and manual orders, but now, the programmatic ads we see on websites are created through automated marketing analytics that uses what users recently browsed through or purchased with to create a relevant display.

2. SEO now focuses on rich answers

Google developers want to provide users with the most relevant information when they enter a query. This is why SEO developers are beginning to optimize on rich answers to put their website in a “Rich Answer Box” at the top of Google search engine results.

3. App Store Optimization are gaining more importance

Because more people are accessing websites through their mobile device, a digital firm can conveniently showcase their digital marketing service through a mobile app. Companies now practice app store optimization to make its services more visible to potential users.

4. Interactive emails are a big trend

Researchers found that one of the biggest email marketing trends is interactive emails. These emails incorporate interactive elements from a website, like shopping carts, sliding image galleries, and others to engage more user activity. A digital firm will use this to generate more clicks and conversion optimization.

5. Google analytics can answer complicated questions

Digital firms have always wished that they can type in a question like “how many users did we get from an organic search last week?” and get an accurate answer. Now they can. Google Analytic team recently added a feature that translates natural language to pull up a relevant report visualization. This is saving report analysts in a digital marketing firm a lot of time.

6. There’s a rising demand for a data storyteller

Digital marketing firms now have data storytellers. As big data and analytics continue to play important roles to create digital marketing services, it’s important that companies can communicate data insights to its team and customers. A data storyteller’s job is part data analyst and part marketer.

7. There are tweaks for improving mobile responsive designs

Recent case studies have found that mobile responsive designs are not a cure-all for digital marketing firms. In a scenario where a one-second improvement can make a deal, developers can tweak their website design to load even faster. Tweaks that work for companies include prioritizing page elements to ensure important blocks load first; loading images based on device resolution requirements; and making a separate website “for smartphones only.”

8. Amidst rising technologies, content marketing still number one for digital marketing firms

While big data, predictive analytics, and automation technology have generated a lot of interest in digital marketing firms, content marketing still comes in first as being the most important digital marketing trend. Successful content marketing embeds user engagement with interesting and relevant information and interactive elements like games, polls, infographics, galleries, and even chatbots.

9. Chatbots can be used to talk to customers

Online marketing firms want to answer their clients’s questions to keep them on the page. It’s useful to have chatbots on a landing page that initiates conversation if the user pauses too long. Chatbots can be programmed to have machine learning capabilities to mimic a real customer representative and zone in on accurate responses. They can also be used to fill in answers prior to users speaking to a real customer representative.

10. Full service digital agencies deliver solutions from technology to business

Many people are unaware of the complexity of today’s digital marketing services. With data, smartphones, and connected devices technologies becoming more prevalent, firms need to be prepared for technological services and marketing. Competent digital marketing agencies are experts in emotional web design and data science.

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