6 Things Every Blog Post Should Contain

6 Things Every Blog Post Should Contain

If you had to skydive and bet your life on a pile of folded nylon, you would first go through a checklist and make sure everything is fine with your gear.

The same principle applies to the content of your blog if you do not want it to hang and crashes if it hits the Internet. Below are eight essential elements to include in your blog posts:

Regardless of whether you blog as a hobby or as a business, one thing is the same: every blog post must contain key elements. These elements will keep your reader in touch with your article, encourage page views, make search engines love you and get you into a routine that will allow you to create effortless blog content. We provide these professional blog writing services which have a high rating in Google search.

 Below is a list of what we think are the key elements you need when creating a blog post.


If you’ve already met investors and presented a pitch – a quick two-minute presentation on your business – you know that the goal is not to get immediate financing, but to provide enough information for investors want to hear more.

 It’s the same with a blog title. The title must :

  • Give some hints on the subject of your article.
  • Have the prospect at least consult your first paragraph.

In other words, it must be magnetic – it must attract people.

 Sometimes, adding emotional words to the title will give him the extra magnetism required. In other cases, the information you offer alone will be enough to draw lots. However, even when you present quality content, spice up your title with a word or two that will captivate readers and make it stand out. People are driven to act by their emotions.


Subtitles have three goals:

  • They break the type to make the page more attractive
  • They help your reader navigate the important sections.
  • They stimulate search engine optimization (SEO).

Disclaimer: Regarding the third point, we used to insist on the use of keywords in one or more subtitles, but that does not seem so important anymore. I’ll explain it in more detail in the next section when I talk about keywords. However, using descriptive phrases that capture your key “ideas” in the subtitles will probably help your SEO. If you want any kind of help to boost up the SEO of your website content, we offer website content writing services at a professional level.

The first two points are always important. A long, continuous page diverts many potential readers. We will come back to this in the graphics section. In addition, once readers have finished your article, they may want to go back and revisit a point; subtitles should help. 


The body content of your blog post is the “meat and potatoes” of your blog. It can be anything, new and incisive observations that will revolutionize the life or business of your reader to a funny story about what happened to you on the way to work yesterday. If you establish your authority, you will want to create a type of publication; If you are trying to develop a personal relationship with your prospects, you will want to create a different type of message. The question is, “What is your goal today?”

As I mentioned before, the old rule stated that you had to include a sufficient number of keywords in the body of your article. However, recent experience and research has shown that keyword usage and density are much less important for Google today. Google’s algorithm is smart enough to understand what you are writing and correctly indexing your articles for research. Therefore, if you explain your subject well, Google will understand; you do not have to guess it with robotic keywords. If you can’t explain your subject well and decide to look for blog writers for hire, then choose us. We provide you with quality content writing services.


Write an article too short and search engines ignore you – write it too long and annoy your readers to consult another blog. What is necessary? It’s balance! Your content must contain at least 300 words to appease the search engines. Depending on the type of article, I try to keep less than 600 words. As I mentioned content is king so if you have any issue in creating a quality content you can take advantage of our Content writing services. 

In these words, you must communicate your purpose (remember from above) to your reader and format it so that the reader likes it. Below are some ways to help your readers better understand your story.

  • Do not create long, long, long paragraphs of text. Find natural breaks and use this ENTER button to create multiple paragraphs.
  • Use bullets and lists where possible – they are much easier to read and keep
  • Use your bulk quote feature to make your content stand out from the rest (this is not exactly the intent of the bulk quote, but it works). 


Let’s be honest: we like beautiful photos and beautiful graphics. And, when you add them to your blog, your readers will appreciate your article much more than a bunch of texts. Some tips for using photos and graphics in your message: 

  1. Use targeted keywords in your image alt text and file name. Search engine love media, like images.
  2. Break down the text every few paragraphs with a graphic or photo
  3. Create the best photo of your selected image so that it can be viewed by your readers as snippets (depending on your theme and how your archives, etc., are configured)
  4. Mark your photos with the name of your website. So when people see them on the Internet, they’ll see the name of your website.
  5. Your images should extend the full width of your content area.
  6. Adjust image size for the right format. Go to SETTINGS -> PICTURES to adjust the size of the images before they are inserted into your blog post and you will not have to waste time resizing them.


The meta-description is the code snippet displayed by Google in the search results. Left to his own devices, Google will recover the first sentence or sentences of your article. However, it may not always be the best way for your article to appear in the search results. Our blog writers ensure the appearance of your blog in the top of Google search.

All my previous points were about what visitors see on the webpage – this is different. The meta description is in HTML code. If you have a WordPress site, a plugin like Yoast allows you to easily compose your meta-description separately so that you can refine it.

You spend a lot of time creating content for your website. Even if it takes a few more minutes to review the eight points mentioned here, it will be time well spent. Good content has a long life, your extra effort will pay off several times.

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