Why Most Custom Web Development Projects Fail

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Taking an idea and turning it into a solution is never easy when you are dealing with custom web development. It’s not surprising that many projects end up failing due to a few key reasons. To ensure that your software development project is a success, it’s important to focus on 5 key elements.

Scope of the Project

The first step in starting the process of a custom web development project is to clearly lay out the objectives and expectations for a final solution. During this exploration phase it is the time to ask questions and make sure that all of your needs are met as a client. This stage will involve all types of clients who know exactly what they want and some who have a general idea and need some guidance from our web design and development services team.

Resources Needed

Tackling a custom web application typically increases the number of bugs that will have to be sorted out, lengthens the time of completion and also increases the chance that a few revisions will have to be done. The resources to accomplish all of these tasks must be carefully examined so that an estimate comes close to the actual requirements being met. The failure of this element is often due to a lack of management control over a project. Frequent changes to the requirements of a project can drastically change the process and end in failure. This must be avoided. Our professional web development team takes steps to make sure that this element gets the attention that is needed.


An ongoing line of communication should occur with clients, developers and users during the complete process of a project. It begins with estimating the resources that are needed and continues throughout creation and delivery. Often, users are left out of the loop and key components of a software development project are missing when a final solution is close to being finished. The input of users must be included as they understand the details and small nuances that are needed to successfully complete a finished product.

Development Practices

The development team working on a project must engage in practices that lead to success. When testing is rushed, users are not included in any stage of the process or eliminating bugs is not prioritized, a project will slow down and may not meet expectations. Choosing a professional web development company that’s experienced and understands how to successfully complete all different types of development projects is a simple way to avoid this from occurring.

Project Management

A professional web design and development services firm will take charge and have an overall plan that moves a client through all stages of the process. This helps control going over budget or not meeting expectations. Our professional web development firm is proficient in managing projects and creating custom web development applications that suit the needs of our clients. You can learn more about Campout Creative Group by visiting us and letting us answer any questions that you have.

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