Four Times Your Search Engine Marketing Company Saved Your Hide

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I know what search engine optimization or SEO is. It’s processes put forth to bring as many customers and potential customers to a website via search engines, with Google being the top focus. However, I didn’t know the best way to apply it to my existing business. But when I found a search engine optimization company to help me, everything changed with my online business. Here are four times a search engine marketing company saved my hide.

They Showed Me The Importance of a FAQ Section

Over the years, my clients have emailed my company with various questions regarding my services. Many of the same questions are asked by my customers over and over. My search engine optimization company professional helped me to create a FAQ Section that answers the frequently asked issues that I encounter from my clients. Now, potential and current customers can go to this section, get their questions answered, which better helps them to decide if my services are right for them. The more educated a consumer is, the easier it is to get a sale.

They Showed Me How to Use Videos

Search engine optimization services know a thing or two about videos and how they can help your business. Before their help, I had no videos on my website. Now, I’ve included videos of not only what I’m offering, but also experts in my niche. The videos serve as one of my best promotional tools.

They Showed Me the Importance of Social Media

Believe it or not, my company didn’t have a solid presence on social media. I had accounts on the major sites, but I never used them. My search engine marketing company showed me that not using social media for my business was a huge mistake. In the 21st century, social media is more important than ever for promotion. For example, there are over one billion people on Facebook, over 300 million people on Twitter and over 500 million people on Instagram. So my not having an active presence on at least two of those social media sites was hurting my business. My SEO professional got me a solid presence on both Twitter and Facebook, and I’ve already seen improvement in engagement with my business.

They Showed Me How to Use Keywords

Search engine optimization services know that few websites will hit the top of search engines without the use of strong keywords and keyword phrases. This, once again, was a case of me knowing the importance of keywords but not knowing how to implement them. The way to get to the top of search engines, I learned, is to have strong keywords that apply to your niche. My SEO professional found the keywords and keyword phrases that fit my niche and incorporated them into the title, subtitle, written content and videos of my website. I immediately began to see a vast improvement in the number of people finding my site.

A search engine professional can help you bring your blog or website to page one of a major search engine such as Google. When that happens, you’ll see an increase in the number of potential customers you’ll have on your website, and that translates to sales.

For help with your website or blog contact the search engine marketing company Campout Creative Group today!

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