Google My Business, Why Is It Important To Local SEO Results ?

Google My Business, Why Is It Important To Local SEO Results ?

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As a local business owner, you need to understand citation building if you want to rank higher in local searches. If you’re not using Google My Business (GMB), for local SEO, you are missing out on an essential factor that can help your business stand out locally. In case you’re not aware of Google Business Listings and its importance to your business, this post will enlighten you. It will also explain how you can carry out citation building effectively.

Citation Building Matters for Local SEO

Citations are any mention of your business name online. These citations can include local listings or your business listing on Google. It usually consists of your business name, address and phone number (NAP).

Google My Business (GMB) is a tool created by Google to help business owners appear in local search results for queries that relates to their products or services. Why are citations important? With citations, you can manage your online presence by creating, verifying and editing your business listings in Google local SEO. Anywhere your NAP is displayed online for searchers to see is called a citation. For example, your Yelp page, as well as your Facebook Business page, are all considered as citations. 

The Purpose Of Using Google My Business Is To Improve Google Local SEO Rankings 

Let’s look at some other benefits of Google My Business:

  • Using citation increases your visibility on Google Maps and Google Local Pack.
  • It is a robust way of driving more leads and customers to your business without making any additional effort. 
  • It also has a huge impact on your website traffic.

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Why are Citations Important For Local Search Rankings?

For Verification and Trust Purposes 

With the help of citations, Search engines can verify if your business exists or not. When your business is listed on national and local sites, it gives your business authority, creates trust among your potential customers. It also helps your business to rank in local search results.


When your business information is mentioned on many websites, search engines will feel that your business is more popular than others, and this gives you a boost in rankings.

However, note that it is vital to maintain consistent citations across all local listings. It is important because it tells Google that the information on these sites is trustworthy. If Google notices conflicting information about your business, it will find it hard to trust your company. As a result, it may not show anything about your business at all. 

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Getting on Google My Business is another way of increasing your chances of showing up in search results. Your business can claim this free listing on Google and include information like address, phone number, business hours, and many others. Take advantage of the great features recently added to Google My Business to enhance your Google My Business listing and grab viewers’ attention.