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Paid Search Management Services

Why are PPC management services so critical ?

Ppc management services help you to reach profitable and quantifiable goals. Paid advertising campaigns are on of the most proven digital strategies to launch new business, increase leads, boost engagement or drive sales conversions for your business.

We offer extensive coverage for all your advertising needs. From paid search, retargeting, PLA’s (product listing advertisements), shopping feeds, channel advertising or paid social we have you covered. Our advertising efforts are led by data driven optimization and todays advanced digital advertising platforms.

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Text Ads

Targeted, compelling text ads are fundamental to high-performing PPC campaigns. PPC is regularly the first point of contact a potential customer has with your brand. Individuals search for something and your text promotion appears in search results.

How you craft your advertisement determines whether individuals will click through to your site. Make your PPC text ads relevant and compelling with the following features : 

  • Appearing above organic search results
  • Displaying business information
  • Showing customer ratings

Display Ads

Display ads are characterized by banner ads that appear in targeted areas on websites, apps or social media platforms. With the Google Display Network you can increase impressions, clicks and conversions for your business by targeting the websites and audiences desired with your ads.

Digital display ads are shown in a wide range of formats. Make your display ads relevant and compelling with the following features :  

  • Display text, images, videos or other rich media
  • Shown across Google’s Display Network
  • Complements any Google Adwords campaigns
  • Great for increasing brand awareness

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads empower businesses to show targeted ads to individuals who have just visited their webpage and then following them around the web showing targeting advertisements. Remarketing ads, otherwise known as retargeting, can significantly increase your conversion rates and ROI.

Make your business stand out from the crowd with the following remarketing ads features :

  • Recapture valuable prospects and customers
  • Advanced targeting to drive purchases
  • Search, display, video, social media and customer list targeting options
  • Highly efficient and affordable

eCommerce & Shopping Ads

If your looking to increase your total business and eCommerce sales,  shopping ads are a proven and profitable strategy. With shopping ads, sellers can promote their products to ready to buy users in specific “shopping” locations.

Make your eCommerce strategy zoom with the following remarketing ads features :

  • Increase sales and online orders
  • Shopping Ads appear above organic search results
  • Highly qualified eCommerce traffic
  • Displays product name, price and seller information
  • Create dynamic hyper targeted ads

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