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SEO Optimized

Perfect for eCommerce

Quality Content

World Class Writers

Quick Turnaround


  • Original, unique and informative product description content

  • Product description content keyword optimized for SEO (if keywords are provided)

  • All content rights transferred upon order completion

  • One round of revisions is included

  • Documents delivered in a .doc(x) file


  • Your website/product/services URL

  • Any keywords of interest

  • The industry we’re writing for

  • The writing style you prefer (e.g. professional, personable, factual, hip, etc…)


Attract Attention With A Powerful Product Description

Successful ecommerce merchants will agree that a well written product description is key to making the sale. You get only a few moments to capture the attention of the customer. If your written words can grab their attention, and you can quickly spark their interest in your product, you can rest assured they will read on.

Key Benefits of Product Descriptions

  • Your site will look and read more professionally.
  • They will help to provide answers about the product.
  • Your site will rank higher on search engines.
  • Improved product description seo
  • Customer confidence level of your business will increase.
  • It will boost your conversion rate.
  • You will experience an increase in sales volume.

The longer a potential customer stays on your site, the better the chances that you will convert them into paying customers. You have gotten them to visit your site, and now your sales efforts need to get them to buy. The contents of ecommerce product descriptions is a powerful form of advertising and marketing your merchandise.

Ecommerce product descriptions should be written concisely and professionally. If writing is not your forte, consider using ecommerce writing services to produce your copy. Experienced ecommerce writing services have probably written thousands of other product descriptions. This will benefit both your client and your customers.

Another benefit of using product description content services is that they will maximize the product description seo for the most effective results. The customers will find you first when they search the keywords used in the product description. Your business will reap the benefit of increased sales, therefore the cost of product description content services will pay for itself.

The importance of a powerful product description cannot be overemphasized. a well-written e-commerce site is crucial to the success of your business. The product description has to answer all of the customers’ questions in order to be effective. remembering that the customer cannot touch and feel the product, your words and photos will make the sale for you.

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