The Best 3 Article Writing Strategies For Your Business

The Best 3 Article Writing Strategies For Your Business

#1: How to Guarantee You Write a Winning Article Every Single Time

How do you know what to write about? A go-to secret that seasoned article writers use is simply modeling what’s already working. All you have to do is to research your competitors and model their most popular articles. Most sites now have a count of the number of shares, likes, and comments, so you can use this metric to guide you on what topics are popular.

There’s even a tool called BuzzSumo to help you find the most popular content based on these metrics. Many web content writers use this tool regularly to get winning ideas, angles, and topics.

It also helps to get an overview of who you’re writing to and what the goal of the article is. In fact, you should outline the important points of your article before you even start writing. Some article writing services even ask you for the following:

– A specific topic to write about.

– Various sub-topics to cover in the article.

– The audience you’re writing the article for.

– What kind of narrative, style, and voice to use.

– The main goal of the article (the big takeaway).

As a result, article writers are able to cut down the time it takes to craft an article while offering an exceptional article writing service to their clients.

#2: The Secret to Winning Over Your Readers

Just because you have a great topic to write about doesn’t mean that your audience will read your article. In order to win over your readers, you have to grab the attention and keep it. This can be done by writing irresistible titles and sub-heads in your article. A great guide for writing titles can be found here. Here are some general tips for writing winning titles and sub-heads.

– Study popular articles and model their titles and sub-heads.

– Go with proven templates like “how to”, “top 10 lists”, “news style titles”, etc.

– Use the element of curiosity in your title (secret, 3 things, little known tricks, etc.)

– Using punchy and strong language. This can be done with active writing and emotional words (hate, love, crazy, exciting, etc.).

It’s understandable if you don’t think you can’t write winning titles. Using an article writing service may be the best decision if you feel this way.

#3: The Importance of Flow, Design, and Formatting

Even if you have done a good job with your title and sub-heads, you still have the job of keeping your readers glued to your article until the very end. This requires that you create great flow, use great design, and properly format your article. In order to do this, you need to do the following:

– Structure your article in a linear manner and group your content into sections.

– Use a logical approach to your content so that it is easy to read and understand.

– Use short paragraphs, block quotes, different font sizes, and narrow spacing. Other tips on formatting can be found here.

– Add things like visual cues, colors, different fonts, and negative space to guide the eyes of the reader.

– Use relevant images, videos, data charts and anything else that supports your content.

This is what often separates pro website content writers from the beginners. These elements really make a big difference in how much your article gets read. If you need help with your content creation, contact us to learn more about our article writing services.

To sum everything up, you need to come up with a winning topic, craft winning titles/sub-heads, make sure your article flows well, design your article well, and use proper formatting. Again, contact us if you are in need of article writing services. Our team of professional writers can help you publish high quality articles for your audience on a regular basis.

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