Top 15 Local SEO Tactics To Increase Your Ranking in Google Immediately

Top 15 Local SEO Tactics To Increase Your Ranking in Google Immediately

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Local SEO is important for Citation Building

Local SEO means optimizing your website for local keywords and search queries that describes your product/service. Local SEO focuses more on marketing your brand to local leads and customers in a specific location. When users search for the products/services you sell, Google local SEO will show them that the products can be found at a place near you. At Campout Creative Group, we provide affordable search engine optimization services for our customers.

Google Local SEO Tactics

While there are different tactics and strategies for local SEO, the ones mentioned below are very important for every business. Let’s look at the top 15 local SEO tactics that can increase your ranking in Google Immediately:

  1. Optimize Google My BusinessGoogle My Business have become more important than ever before. Optimizing Google My Business gives you the ability to control how your business appears in local  – search, while integrating your presence with Google Maps.
  2. Build Backlinks Back To Your WebsiteBuilding good quality backlinks from quality local websites is critical for increasing your rankings. Some of these links can come from local news, community and industry sites.
  3. Getting Active On Social MediaBeing active on social media and encouraging users to talk about your brand, engage with you can help to establish prominence in your area thereby boosting your ranking in search results.
  4. Accurate Citation BuildingSince Google and other search engine websites use citations as a source of business information, ensure that you have sufficient citations that can be found. It is also important that these citations are both consistent and accurate. You can do this by using a citation building service.
  5. Manage Your Customer ReviewsWhen it comes to local SEO, the number of reviews you have, including how many positive versus negative reviews you have are all taken into consideration when ranking. Therefore, creating a review generation and management system will help in boosting your local search rankings. 
  6. A Mobile-friendly WebsitePage speed has become an important ranking factor for Google. Since a large number of internet searches now take place on mobile devices, you want your site to be easy to use on mobile devices and also load quickly. 
  7. Ensure That Your Website Is LocalizedWhether your business is situated in a single location or you have multiple stores in different locations, localizing your website has become an essential part of local SEO. Localization involves having your full address on each page of your site, adding local keywords to relevant page titles, page content and local images.
  8. Create Unique ContentThis is another local SEO tactics that can easily translate into increased ranking. Creating locally-focused content helps to build your prominence in your local area. For inspiration, go for the trending topics in your region.
  9. Optimize Meta Descriptions And Site TitlesCreate Meta descriptions for your local business website using locally-relevant keywords. It should be interesting and engaging so that searchers are tempted to click to find out more.
  10. Adding Structured Data Markup To Your SiteAdding Schema Markup code to your website gives Google and other search engines some information about your business. These include an image, address and telephone number of your business. 
  11. On-page SEOThis refers to certain adjustments you can make to your site’s structure that will enable search engines ability to crawl and index your pages easily.
  12. Online Business DirectoriesOnline business directories like Yelp, YellowPages, Foursquare, etc. will not only boost your local SEO but help increase your visibility.
  13. Guest PostingThis remains a powerful strategy for local SEO, especially if you can get an exact match anchor link back to your website.
  14. Press ReleasesPeriodical press releases also help to increase your visibility and engagement with your customers.
  15. Optimize for Voice SearchVoice Search is now more popular than before so you should take advantage of it.

Contact Local Citation Building Experts 

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Developing an effective local SEO strategy should be the focus of every business owner because of the enormous benefits. If you want to quickly get in front of local consumers as they search for products and services in your area, these 15 tactics should be vigorously implemented.