Trends in Search Engine Optimization Services: Media Optimization

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A search engine marketing company must offer search engine optimization services that reflect current trends.

Search engine optimization is a unique area of digital marketing that is always changing from year to year. As new trends emerge, search engine optimization services must evolve and change with them. Some of the latest current trends involve voice search, the growth in mobile and Accelerated Mobile Pages in creating high-quality content.

Voice Search Emerges

For years, voice search has been a project that has been in the development stages. Those days are over as voice search is now here and being used by the masses. Of course, there are still some kinks to work out but a good search engine optimization company will understand that voice search is here to stay and implement an optimization strategy that benefits customers.

One of the main goals that developers have for voice search is to go beyond the aspects of just voice recognition and transform the technology into a tool that will actually understand what people are asking and provide solutions to their questions. This changes the whole game for an SEO company. Now, they must use conversational keywords to ensure that a site gets found. The keyword strategy used must include phrases that actually sound like a real conversation that a person would be using when asking questions to a voice search robot.

Statements in questions that would be made by customers should be incorporated into specific content pages. It’s really related to another form of longtail keyword phrases. The only difference is that the content is more conversational.

Mobile Growth Continues To Increase

Many individuals are now using their smartphones to search for restaurants, local auto repair shops or a place to get ice cream. With this booming growth in mobile, a professional SEO agency must take the appropriate steps to optimize for mobile phones. Specific strategies can be used to ensure that client sites are optimized for popular search engines.

Local search optimization is a crucial area that must be incorporated into the overall SEO strategy for a website. It’s one of the first places that a local smartphone will search when looking for shops in their vicinity.

Optimizing meta-descriptions and titles is also an important task for a search engine optimization company to complete. It shows Google’s robots what each page is about so that they can correctly categorize each page in the search engine results pages.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Rise

A search engine marketing company must also be aware of Accelerated Mobile Pages. This gives the ability to a website to open in less than the blink of an eye when a person is using their mobile device’s browser. By making a few small structural changes to a website, a browser will load 400 percent faster using 80 percent less data.

Search engine optimization professionals have already seen favoritism by Google for these type of sites. This preference by Google will probably become stronger as Google wants to ensure that people who use its search engine will receive a top-notch user experience when they visit a recommended site.

Valuable Content

People who are searching the internet will not stay on a site that is only full of fluff. The search engine optimization game now requires websites to have plenty of valuable content that is packed into a bite sized piece. The content on a site can’t just be good — it must be fantastic and be spread out in chunks that are just the right size to consume. In the near future, the search engine community will probably see Google roll out more algorithmic machine learning technology that interprets data.

When you are in search of an SEO specialist to optimize your site, it’s best to hire an experienced company that stays abreast of the current trends that are always emerging. For professional search engine optimization services contact one of our expert SEO specialists so that we can discuss a strategy for your site.

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