WooCommerce SEO Guide: 10 Secrets Revealed to Rank High in Google

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As a local business owner, you need to understand citation building if you want to rank higher in local searches. If you're not using Google My Business (GMB), for local SEO, you are missing out on an essential factor that can help your business stand out locally. In case you're not aware of Google Business Listings and its importance to your business, this post will enlighten you. It will also explain how you can carry out citation building effectively.

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What is WooCommerce SEO?

They include strategies and practices that needs to be implemented for your WooCommerce store to rank high in search engines.

10 WooCommerce SEO Secrets Revealed

Check out the following WooCommerce SEO secrets we use when ranking our clients’ websites high in Google:

  1. SSL Certificate

If you want to get your website successfully promoted in the search engine result page, it must have an SSL certificate. Otherwise, it automatically gets demoted in the search results.

  1. Do Keyword Research

Find out what people are searching for by doing comprehensive keyword research. A keyword planner can help you track what keywords people are looking for. It will also provide you options that are related to your keyword and show you the amount of search volume they’re getting.

  1. Building the Correct XML Sitemap

XML sitemaps show the relationships between the content you have on your pages. Creating the correct XML sitemap, organizes your website, making it easier to navigate for search bots. As a result, your chances of ranking high in Google search increases as they now know what your site and pages are all about.

  1. Proper Image Optimization

Apart from adding the appropriate image alt tags for optimization, you also need to use high-quality images. However, make sure the images have the right dimensions and format. Don’t forget to keep it in a smaller size to load quicker for better user experience and increased SEO.

  1. Using SEO-friendly Themes and Plugins

WordPress is the most SEO-friendly CMS for building websites. Using an SEO-friendly theme for your eCommerce store ensures you have a proper SEO structure. You can take advantage of the numerous free and paid WordPress friendly themes in organizing your WooCommerce store.

  1. Using Categories and Tags

With the help of categories and tags, your visitors can quickly identify the specific product item they want to purchase. This feature also enables your visitors to sort out or quickly navigate their expected items without getting confused. For example, if your customers want to buy a pair of pants, they don’t need to search randomly for it. You can just display them on a single page that consists of only pants.

  1. Enable Breadcrumbs

Besides helping store visitors understand where they are on your site, Breadcrumbs are navigational aids that help Google understand how your site is structured. Google prefers it because it reduces your bounce rate as visitors get a clear understanding of your site without getting confused. Use Yoast or RankMath SEO plugin to enable breadcrumbs on your website and make it SEO-friendly. 

  1. Optimizing Product Title

Since your page title is the first thing a search engine crawls, it is essential to optimize it for better ranking. On your WooCommerce store, whatever you put in the title tag of the respective product page is what visitors will see in the search engine. 

  1. Adding SEO Meta Description

After optimizing your title, make sure you have a custom meta description of all of your listed products. You can do this by using the Yoast SEO plugin or similar plugins.

  1. Optimize Your Product Content

Note that you have no chances of ranking your store online if your content isn’t unique and fresh. Therefore, make sure you put extra effort into writing unique and SEO friendly product descriptions for your products.

If you want to take your eCommerce business to the next level and desire WooCommerce SEO expertise, Campoutcg is always there for you. Our web development expertise is all you need for the best eCommerce solutions.

One of the more significant benefits of using WooCommerce is its ability to simplify your eCommerce operations. If you want to gain relevance in your market, WooCommerce SEO is one crucial exercise your business should take part in. 

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